Victoria Adventure

For the third time in Victoria, what did we do this time? Let’s find out.

Previous Times

The first time was in 2015; it was just a downtown tour. We got there late at night. You can read about it here.

The second time was in 2018.

I went to a lighthouse and did go downtown again. You can read that here

I think my writing has improved over the years.

2023 Adventure

This time we decided to do a walking tour, you know, to get some history about Victoria. It was a good tour. We found a lot of information and got to see the views of Victoria. We started at the cruise port.

And she ended the walking tour at the Empress Hotel (Taken in 2015).

I can tell you what we discussed, but that would ruin the fun of you going on that tour. I would say go on it, and you will not only learn about things and get some exercise.


We stopped for food and were getting hungry, which was a good decision.

Since the buffet was closed when we got back on the ship.

It was a nice walk back to the ship.