British Columbia

This sits in the Western part of Canada. Ranges from the United States in the Southern region and up to the artic.


Here are some stats of facts  for British Columbia (BC)

  • Capital
    • Victoria
  • Premier
    • David Eby
  • Population
    • 5.071 Million
    • Rank
      • 3rd in Canada
  • Largest City
    • Vancouver
  • Largest Metro
    • Greater Vancouver
  • GDP
    • 4th
  • Time zones
    • Most are Pacific
    • Some are Mountain


The first known people to live were the Coast Salish, Tslihqot’in, and Haida people, like 10,000 years ago. The first British settlement was Ft. Victoria in 1843. It is a diverse province. They say that the people of BC can trace their ancestors to Europe, East Asia, and South Asia.

While it is a diverse province, it has several different languages spoken, and they are

  • English
    • Common
  • Punjabi
  • Mandarin
  • Chinese
  • Cantonese
  • French
    • Is the mother language 1% of the population

There are 34 distinct indigenous languages spoken. Wow

In 1866 BC and Vancouver Island was incorporated, and then in 1871, the capital of Victoria came about.

Publicly listed companies in Canada, 45 % of them are based here.

They have an extensive entertainment section in BC. I would say it is the Hollywood of Canada. This is primarily based in Vancouver.


Here is the breakdown of what religions are here

  • Irreligion
    • 52.1%
  • Christianity
    • 34.3%
  • Sikhism
    • 1.7%
  • Islam
    • 2.6%
  • Buddhism
    • .5%
  • Hinduism
    • 1.7%
  • Judaism
    • .5%
  • Indigenous spirituality
    • 0.2%
  • Other
    • 1.0%


Yes, they do have some sports in BC. And they are the following:

Abbotsford CanucksAmerican Hockey League
BC LionsCanadian Football league
Kamloops BlazersCanadian Hockey League
Kelowna RocketsCanadian Hockey League
Pacific FCCanadian Premier League
Prince George CougarsCanadian Hockey League
Vancouver BanditsCanadian Elite Basketball League
Bancouver CanucksNational Hockey League
Vancouver FCCanadian Premier League
Vancouver GiantsCanadian Hockey League
Vancouver WarriorsNational Lacrosse League
Vancouver WhitecapsMajor League Soccer
Victoria RoyalsCanadian Hockey League

You can see there is a lot of hockey being played.

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