Vancouver BC

When you think of Vancouver, do you think of the city in Washington State, a suburb of Portland, Oregon? Well, that isn’t the one I will be talking about.

Vancouver, British Columbia

This is a major city located on the Western side of Canada.

This is the most populous city in the British Columbia Province.


Here are some facts about the city

  • Country
    • Canada
  • Province
    • British Columbia (BC)
  • Regional
    • Metro Vancouver
  • Named for
    • George Vancouver
  • Amalgamated
    • January 1, 1929
  • Land
    • 115.18 km^2
  • Metro
    • 2,878.93 k,^2
  • Highest elevation
    • Little Mountain 152 m
  • Population
    • City
      • 662,248
    • Rank
      • 1st in Canada
    • Metro
      • 2,642,825
        • 3rd in Canada
  • Time zone
    • PST (UTC-8)
    • PDT (UTC-7)
  • Website


The city was incorporated on April 6, 1886, and it took a long time to become an actual city. Before then, the Aboriginal people lived there about 10,000 years ago.

Then the Europeans started to show up, and they explored the area. But, in 1808, some explorers found the present-day city where it would be located, anyway.

When it was incorporated in 1886, the same year that the transcontinental train arrived in Vancouver for the first time.

In June of 1886, there was a fire that just burned down the whole city. The Fire Department was established that same year and the town was rebuilt quickly. It went from 1,000 to over 20,000 people by the turn of the century. Then in 1911, over 100,000 people lived there.

In 1898, the gold rush brought in 25,000 men. Most of the men came from California—people seeking riches.


Here are the religious groups

Indigenous Spirituailty.01%

Not immune

This being Canada and all doesn’t mean that there isn’t any crime or homelessness.


In 2019, there were about 2,223 people that were having homelessness.


There are about 1,327 police officers, and they do have gang-related issues. The firearm crimes were about 45.3 per 100,000 people. Like any other city, they have problems with needles and intravenous drug users. They try and clean up all the needles daily. I am sure they have some murders, rape, and other crimes. I couldn’t find numbers.

The port

It is the biggest port in Canada, and it brings in a lot of tourists from cruise ships.


There are a lot of shows filmed and produced here in Vancouver. There are a lot of shows filmed here. Here are some shows

  • Arrow
  • Airwolf
    • I didn’t know that
  • Psych
  • Stargate

And a lot more


Yes, they do have sports here, and I have mentioned them here so that I won’t list them here.

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