Disembarkation BOS

The day no one wanted to come. That is the day they kick you off the cruise ship. I know, rude.


We packed our stuff and set out our checked bags outside with our tags on the suitcase. We had a special tag color. The only issue we had was we still had to pack some miraculous stuff to pack for the next morning. Which meant we had to get creative. We each had our backpacks. We ended up carrying off the following.

  • My tech backpack
  • My Sleep Apnea bag
  • My wife’s backpack
  • My daypack backpack

Yea,  I carried three of those bags. Next time I will have to rethink some things.


We got up and went to breakfast; we ate at the buffet because we needed to get off the ship early due to the adventure we had booked—the last meal of the boat.

I had to go to guest services to get a new card. I packed my cruise card in my check-in bag. Luckily it wasn’t busy. I started to go back. However, I went to get some water. I was shocked to hear that it would be 3 dollars for water. What the heck!! Why would it cost $3? I have gotten water there all the time during the week. Never did I ever have to pay for water. I said no thanks. I was sweating at this point.

Luckily, the lounge had water and snacks to help my blood sugar level.

Waiting Game

Now onto the waiting game of when to get off the ship. The lounge was full of different groups waiting to leave.

We finally got called, and we headed out. However, this is where it got to be frustrating. We got to where we left the ship, and we had to get in a security line, and the group split up.

Now they need a separate line just for passengers leaving on excursions so that the group can stay together.

We found our luggage off the ship, and then we had to find our leader. Since they walked off. We finally found them and had to wait for the rest of the group to find us.

Mass Confusion

We were the only ship in port that day, which was a good thing. We bypassed customs in Canada and went right to our bus, which was odd. It would be best never to skip customs when entering a different country. But we did.

I can’t imagine how it is with 3 or 5 ships in port.


They need to have a single line dedicated to the excursion groups. So they can all stay together since all the luggage is in the same area. Wait for people to get their bags, then leave for the waiting area to go to customs.

I didn’t mind skipping customs, but there should be separate lines at customs for excursion groups.

It was an interesting time getting off the ship.

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