BOS, Drink Package

The drink package is another money maker for cruise ships. They make a lot of money this way.

Different styles of packages

There are other packages you can get for drinks

  • Deluxe Beverage Package (Alcoholic Beverages)
    • This is a lot of drinks
  • Non=alcoholic Beverage Packages
    • Refreshment Package
      • Coca Cola Beverages
      • Non-alcoholic Cocktails
      • Fountain soda and refills at any venue
      • Bottle still and sparkling water
      • Premium coffees and teas
      • Fresh-squeezed juices
      • Johnny Rockets Shakes
        • Only on ships with a Jonny Rockets
    • Classic Soda Package
    • Evian Water Package
      • 12 or 24 Bottles
    • Café Select Coffee Card

You have many options. Here is a PDF file

Soda Package

We picked up the soda package for my wife. She said all we would need to do is carry on a 12-pack, and she would be fine. First, she wouldn’t carry the 12-pack of Diet Coke (DC). I would be, and I don’t even drink the stuff anymore. Well, never diet. Just straight-up Coke.

And that 12-pack wouldn’t last her more than a day or so. The Soda Package on Royal Caribbean is just soda and ran us $63.80 for her for the 6-day cruise.

She did have a DC for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a snack during the day. Depending on the waiter, she would have like three during her meals. Here are a couple of photos of the cups the DC came in. As you saw in my all-access tour, the ship is in the galley.

Package Served

She keeps saying she doesn’t need it, but we would spend more on just cans if she were to buy those when she wanted a drink. If you are into drinking soda, then this is for you. However, the above step is good if you would like to have juices.

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