BOS, Internet

Do you need the internet on a cruise? Well, it all depends on a few things, right?

Do I

Need the internet on a cruise? Well, that is all up to you. Here is a breakdown of if you need the internet.

  • Work
  • Keep in touch with the outside world
  • Play stupid games
  • Check email
  • Watch TicToks

Don’t need the internet:

  • Work
  • Keep in touch with the outside world
  • You don’t want to play silly games.
  • Who cares about email
  • Forget about TicToks.
  • Cheap
  • You want to unwind

You will have to ask yourself this, and then you will have to decide.


This is what the internet is called on the Brilliance of the Seas. Starlink powers interlink. I got the two-device package. I am not sure if it was cheaper. But, I ended up paying $335.88 for two devices. Yea, that is a lot of money for six days for two devices. They have to pay for the expense of installing Starlink. That is about $55.98 a day.

Some people might say that is too much money, and yes, it is. But sometimes you need it to work or keep your wife happy.

Here are some test speeds I did on my iPhone Pro Max 11

Not the best

Speeds, but what did you think you would have 200 Mbps down and 150 Mbps up? Come on. We are on a ship in the ocean. That will not be happening. But it is doable. Here are some of the things that worked well for me.

  • FaceTime calls
  • iMessage
  • Email
    • Downloading
    • It seemed to work fine for outgoing email
  • My wife watched
    • Reels
    • TicToks
    • Listened to music
    • Play a game
  • It synced up my notes with the cloud
  • It took its time syncing photos across iCloud.
  • I didn’t try and upload a video to YouTube, but I hear it takes a while.
    • I will wait until I get home; my fiber connection can do that faster. Since I don’t post while I am gone

Best at Sea

Another cruise line says that they are the best at sea. Yes, one ship was good, and the other wasn’t good. However, what Royal Caribbean is doing with Starlink is a good thing as this, so far, is the best internet at sea I have experienced on a cruise ship. I have had it on the past few ships, and this is the fastest. But most expensive