Utah Jazz

Is a professional basketball team based in Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. Yep, Utah has an NBA team.  


They weren’t always the Utah Jazz, they were the New Orleans from 1974 to 1979 which is when they moved to SLC. They went to the finals twice and lost both times to the Chicago Bulls.

The Game

It was a Monday night in Dallas we walked to the American Airlines Arena, yep got a hotel nearby. We got there and found our seats. We weren’t the only Utah Jazz fans in the building.

It was a hard-fought battle between the Mavericks and the Jazz. The Jazz was behind most of the game.  It was a good game. However, the Jazz feel short 103-111. They were within 6 but Dallas made some free throws.

The Fans

I have been to places where the fans of the opposing team have been rude as hell. Threaten your life, flip you off, throw stuff at you. Yea, there are fans out there that will do that. However, Dallas fans were nice. They talked to us and they were scared when the Jazz was within the 6 points. Since they knew the Jazz could do. But, they won and they didn’t rub that in our face. I like those types of fans.


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