Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2022

All things must come to an end. The time is up and we need to head back home. The bummer isn’t it

Up Late and Up Early

We were up late packing and re-packing. I mean what the heck, we even got a new suitcase. We were still struggling to find places for stuff. I mean we picked up some snorkeling stuff.

We got up and I went to pick up the parents-in-law, where we went snorkeling on Monday.  I was just sitting in the parking lot waiting. I was told I had to pay to park. I just said I am waiting for someone. Well, this is a pay-to-park lot so if you aren’t paying then you need to go. What the heck?

I picked them up and went back to the condo and packed the van and headed off to the airport.

Before the airport

While we headed to the airport, we had to stop and get gas. We stopped at the closest place to get gas and that was Costco. While I went and got gas the others went into Costco to get some snacks for the way home.

That took a little bit.


I dropped everyone off and I went to return the van and then headed to the airport. My wife was having an issue checking the bags. She got it worked out. I was told to go o the lost and found to get my mother-in-law’s phone. However, I couldn’t get it because I wasn’t my father-in-law and didn’t know the case number.

My father-in-law and my wife showed up we got the phone and returned to security. My wife and I have TSA Pre-check but the in-laws didn’t they got to go to the priority boarding line.

Got Calls

My wife got several calls about where we were at. We were just running late, as usual.  We finally got there and sat down and sort of relaxed for a few min.