Transportation to Pier 35, SF

We took an Uber from the Airport to Pier 35. I prefer to do that than to do the shuttle.


I reserved the Uber in advance and ensured we had one big enough for four of us. Of course, I didn’t want to click on I am here. So they wouldn’t sit at the Uber pickup while we were still at baggage claim.

I should have done that since it told us to go somewhere other than the Uber/Lyft pickup spot.

We walked over there and then hit ready. Well, it told us to go up to pickups and wait there. So I messaged and told him we were at the Uber pickup place in the parking garage on level 5.

Pick up

It was a rainy day in San Francisco. Luckily, they had a covering-up by the pickup location. After misunderstanding where to go, the driver appeared in a Ford Expedition. We had two bags each plush our backpacks.

We talked to him; he was from Russia and ended up in San Francisco. He installed HAVC in Russia for ten years but cannot get a job doing that here.

He was pleasant and friendly and even let my wife sit up front due to car sickness.

Drop off Change

Someone decided to change the pier we were sailing out of in San Francisco. Crown Princess was sailing out as well. She took over Pier 27, and Ruby went to Pier 35. The same one Brilliance was at in April. He didn’t mind dropping us off there instead.

The right wasn’t cheap but better than the bus or taxi. That is in my opinion.


I would suggest this to anyone; it was a pleasant and comfortable ride. It was a good and wise choice I made.


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