Pier 35, Cruise Port SF

We were supposed to go out of Pier 27. However, it was changed at the last minute to Pier 35. The crown princess was at Pier 27. This is where we docked back in April of 2023 for two days. Let’s talk about Pier 35


This is next to the Embarcadero and to the East of Pier 39. 


  • Construction started
    • 1914
  • Completed
    • 1916
  • Renovated
    • 1933
    • 1981
  • Owner
    • Port of San Francisco

Pier 35

Served as the primary cruise ship terminal in San Francisco for eight decades. That is a long time, in my opinion. The pier serviced the following:

  • Grace line
  • Mateo Line 
  • Pacific Far East Line 
  • Princess Cruises
    • Star
    • Sapphire
    • Sea 

The ships for Princess listed above made stops there throughout the year. 

You can tell that this is an older terminal here on Pier 35. 

It has been showing its age since the last time it was renovated.

Back Seat 

When Pier 27 was opened, it became the backup pier for cruise ship operations. When there is a ship in Pier 27, this one is used. 

In April of 2023, when we were on the Brilliance of the seas, we docked in Pier 35 overnight. 

Pier 35 is also home to the Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien. You can see it when you dock at that pier. It is a site to be seen. 


This is an older but useable pier, and it functions as a grand cruise ship terminal. Having been there twice this summer, it made me pleasant. It could use some improvements, but that is just my opinion. But it is a unique one indeed. 

It is hectic when you embark on a cruise ship there.