San Francisco Airport

You have some options when you fly to the Bay Area. You have Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose.     

San Francisco

Here are some facts about the airport:

  • Owner/Operator:
    • City and County of San Francisco
  • Location
    • San Mateo County
  • Opened
    • May 7, 1927
  • Hub for
    • , Alaska Airlines
    •  United Airlines
  • Total Passengers
    • 42,281,641
  • Aircraft Operations
    • 355,006
  • Total Cargo (tons)
    • 491,192



The airport was used as a Coast Guard and Army Air Corps training and staging base during WWII.

First international operations Australian National Airways.  There is much information about the flights and whenever or wherever they fly.

Domestic flying had it’s first non-stop to the U.S. East Coast were United Douglas DC-7s in 1954.

In 1989, an Earthquake 1989 stopped the World Series and shut down the airport. However,  it opened up the next day after the minor damage to the runways was repaired.

That sparked a new push to get a new airport. A $2.5 billion international Terminal Complex opened in 2000. The building of the new complex bypasses the environmental impact. You know, getting around the rules to get it built.

The airport has had issues with delays due to poor weather, and that prompted Southwest to move over to Oakland and San Jose. They did return in 2007.


Stands for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. The airport section opened in 2003. They have something called AirTrain people mover, which moves people from

  • Car Rental
  • In Between terminals
  • Terminals
  • Parking garage

This is an automatically run system that requires a human driver. It is quite the thing.


Virgin America used SFO as the base of operations for its start-up airline. SFO made some changes and improvements to the Airbus A380, which visited SFO on Oct. 4, 2027. It won the best international airport award in 2008.

For a $102 Million price tag, they got a new control tower, which opened in 2016.


The terminals are designed in a ring formation. Like this

The airport has four terminals and they are 1,2,3, and of course, the international terminal.

It consists of 115 gates that are alphabetically and go counterclockwise.


This is a pretty cool airport with great potential, and the Airtrain helps relocate passengers to other places. Other airports are doing the same thing.

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