Flight to SFO, 2023

Since we were taking Delta, I figured it would be in the A concourse since Delta flies out of that. Nope, we were in Concourse B. We got there in plenty of time. It was a good walk. But, for an 8 AM flight, I wanted to be there early. I am glad we did get there early.

When we took off, we were moved up to 2nd in line. It did seem like a long taxi out to take off. There was a lot of traffic in San Francisco, so we got the bump. I can live with that.

B7 was the gate we flew out of. This flight offered no amenities at all besides drinks and snacks. None of the following:

  • No seatback screen
  • No plugs to charge anything
  • No, free Wi-Fi
    • They are rolling it out, but you could text (messaging) for free. But, the internet was a pay-for option. 

The overhead bins were a bit of a struggle to get my suitcase in. I should have checked it when they offered free checked luggage. But it is OK. Life is life.

As we flew over the clouds, I thought, it is amazing how we can take a heavy object and fly it in the air.

It looked so peaceful outside.

Drink Service

They came around, and I did half a cup of Coke. I know, I know, I don’t drink it anymore. But a little bit won’t kill me. Plus, I wanted to see if the caffeine could help me with some energy. I also tried oatmeal, cranberry, and almond bar. It was OK.

My wife, of course, got a can of Diet Coke, and she opened up Stanley, which was full of ice from the house, and poured the can in it.

OH, and where is she putting the Stanley? That is a good question. It is right between us. How comfy is that? Not very.

My wife asked for some

And they brought them to her once the serving was done.


We sat right over the wing. This is OK; it does block the view, but it is fine in my book. We Sat in 8A and 8B, in comfort plus. It was still a bit cramped, but it wasn’t too bad. On this trip, I opted to upgrade to Comfort Plus. It was only $20 per person, which was worth it.

One complaint

I stood up and got my backpack down as we exited the plane. Then, I tried to get my suitcase down, and a lady stood there. Just sit your butt down or move out of the way when people are trying to get their luggage down.

Also, the moment the plane gets to the gate, everyone stands up and wants to exit the plane. I mean, gone on, people. Just have some dang patience.


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