Embracer 175, 2023

Flying on an Embracer 175 will be a first for me, that I recall anyway. Let’s find out more about this plane.

Embraer Brand

Here are some facts about the brand

  • National Origin
    • Brazil
  • First Flight
    • Feb. 19, 2002
  • Introduction
    • March 17, 2004
  • Primary User
    • SkyWest Airlines
    • Republic Airways
    • Envoy Air
    • Mesa Airlines

Variants of Planes

  • E170
  • E175
  • E190
  • E195
  • Embraer Lineage 1000
  • Freighter Conversions

The Layout

The Embracer 175, in which I flew, looks like the following

As you can see, two seats are on each side of the plane.

The Amenities on the plane.

On this flight, there were no amenities on the plane.


My Thoughts

The overhead bins were small. It was hard to get my luggage into it. Yes, my carry-on was a bit stuffed. The plan could only hold, I think they said, 25 wheeled bags.  Which I found interesting. Since there were

First Class12

Now, that seems like a lot more than 25. Maybe people don’t fly with a lot of bags. It was an excellent aircraft. It was small, all we needed to get to San Francisco. The advantage of a smaller plane is that there are few people. Yes, there are 72 seats on this plane. But that is better than the 150+ on other planes.

Some of the content from this blog was taken from

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