Trailer Overview

This year we decided to get a trailer, you know the type you pull behind your vehicle. Instead of the kind, you drive. So we could have our vehicle down there.

Found one

My wife did the looking for the trailer that is the least she has to do, right. She found one out of Big Water, Utah. He would deliver and pick up the trailer. He was going to drop the trailer down were we camping. However, the last time he did that he broke an axel so he dropped it off at the main bathroom.

He dropped it off and we hooked it up to the brother-in-law’s truck and we pulled it down without an issue.


You walk in the door, and you have two ways you can go, If you go to the right that is the bathroom and the master bedroom.

If you turn left you will find the kitchen, and at the back of the trailer, you will see 2 queen sizes beds.

My Thoughts

It was a decent place to stay.  It didn’t have automatic leveling had to do it all by hand and that was a pain in the butt. But it got done. The bathroom was nice. It did get filled up, but not from me. I slept on one of the queen beds and it was OK. It wasn’t a 5-star hotel, but it didn’t matter. It was a place to lay your head down and try and sleep.  It was used by a lot of people to come in out of the heat. You know the AC was a must during the day. We didn’t really have a limit on the generator.

It was a good investment.


We pulled it back up to the bathroom, without an issue. He came and got it and that was it.

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