Lake Powell 2021, Overview

Lake Powell 2021 has come and gone and how did it go. Well, as you have been reading you know it went pretty well.

Lake Powell

The water level is just down so low that it sucks to see. The lake, what is left of it, was fun. I started to go to Lake Powell about 34 to 35 years ago. There was a time where we didn’t go for a while due to sports. It is nice to be back.

The good side of the lake going down. There is a lot more room to ride the four-wheelers.


The trip was a nice relaxing time away.  The drive down and back up, well it was a pain in the butt, but it was needed. Just to sit there and do nothing. No work, no worries. Well, there will always be worries.

I did work on some of my video-making skills. Which still needs some help. But the trip is over and done with this year. It might be the last time we go to Lake Powell. Not sure how 2022 will turn out.

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