Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021

Packing up and heading out fun time is over.


Breakfast was on your own/leftovers and picking up the campground.

  • Break down the screen (movie)
  • Clean out the trailer
  • Pack the car
  • Pull the trailer up to the parking lot
  • Take down tents
  • Pick up all the water toys
  • Load 4-wheelers up
  • Turned the trailer back over to the owner.

I could go on and on but we left for Cedar City to drop off the son who is going to SUU. Then we headed North to home.


Got home and unloaded the car and put things away and just sat down and relaxed for a couple of hours, thus knowing that when tomorrow comes up. It will be back to normal things.  Since the real world is calling and work awaits.

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