Things to do

Since this is on the mountain top you have to ride a condole up to the mountain it is about a 7 min ride.

Going up

The ride was long, and it wasn’t that hot but, my wife doesn’t like closed spaces. It was big enough to hold 4 people. We all got to ride it up together.

 The Park

The first thing we did was the mine drop. It wasn’t the tower of terror by any means, it was just one drop and that was it.

Mine Drop

Yea just a drop nothing big.

Giant Canyon Swing

We then went and did the swing, Well, I didn’t, but the kids did a couple of times.

The swing takes you out over the canyon, remember this is on top of a mountain. You are facing downwards and you get a good view.  Not a very good video but you can see for yourself.

Hopefully you saw that video.

Alpine Coaster

I was going to videotape the whole ride, I had my new camera out and I had it all adjusted and was just going to clip it on the seat belt and they wouldn’t let me do that. Only do things strapped to my head or chest. I left them at the hotel. Didn’t want to carry a third camera around.

Here are some pictures

Soaring Eagle Zip ride

This ride you had to be under 450Lbs to ride it, I am under that by a long-range, I could only ride by myself due to my weight. If you were doing 2 people then the combined weight needs to be 450 lbs as well.

It went faster going backwards then it did coming back. Here is a video of it.

4D Motion Theater

We went to see Monkey’s trouble. The video is only like 5 minutes long, but the wait was like 30 minutes. Yep, you guessed it COVID-19 messed this up. They would only allow 12 people in at a time and took 10 min to clean the seats.

The movie itself was pretty good. It was monkeys and us on a roller coaster that goes haywire. The seats move and you get mist and wind just like you were on the ride.

The swing

Then there were some swings that people could ride, I didn’t ride them but my kids did.

Mine Wheel

While the kids and the other group went off to ride the Alpine coaster again, my wife and her sister went on the mine wheel.

They were the only ones on there for about 15 min, they broke a record, they went on it for about 20 minutes. Here is a video of them on it.

The Main area

Here are some pictures of the main area.


My wife can’t live without her Diet Coke, so we brought a souvenir cup for $6.00 and it cost a $1.00 to fill back up. Was it worth it, considering a drink cost $2.50, yea it was worth it? Plus water refills were free.

Going down

Here is a video of the ride going down.

Fun times..


Of course, I am going to have my opinion on this place. It was nice to get up and go there. It wasn’t that hot. I t was just nice. It was $60.00 per person. And they didn’t like you to have your bags with you on some things and it was $.50 cents to rent a locker. It would be better to go to the main area and rent one for the whole day instead of while you were on the ride or in the cave. 

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