Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park

If you like adventure you will have to go to this park. The park sits at 7,100 feet on a mountain above Glenwood Springs. Yes, you heard that right it sits on top of a mountain with rides and cave tours.



The caves were discovered in the late 1800s and in 1897 lights were able to be put in there.  You could only get there by walking or horseback. Also in 1897, they worked on removing a lot of rock in the form of blasting out to Glenwood Canyon.

In 1999 the top of the mountain only had the caves, however, the owners got approval to expand. Thus building, a tramway. The tramway seemed to be a success as it brought 150,000 people to see the cave within a year and provides a year-round access to the caves.


As the years went by they expanded it into an adventure park with rides and other things. They brought the cliffhanger ride from Branson, Missouri. The cliffhanger was located in the Celebration City park and when that park closed it was moved here. 


This replaced the tramway in 2019 and it has 44 detachable cabins which can transport 1,000 people per hour.


Here are the caves that started it all

  • Fairy Cave
  • Kings row

They have a wild cave tour that you will have to walk crawl and do some climbing and other strenuous activity. It lasts for three hours.

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