Kings Row

Back in 1895 the cave was about 800 Ft and now it is about 16,000 ft. You would access the tunnel with a 18 inch hole. Yea, that is eight 18″ opening.


So who in their right mind would come up to a hole in the ground and hearing the mountain whistle and think I want to see where that goes to find the source of that whistling.  So Charles W. Darrow, went down head first to see what was going on. It took him about 90 min (1 1/2 hours) to get to an opening.

First of all no thank you. I am glad I didn’t find that hole and heard the mountain whistling. Yes, I would have been interested but there is no way, I would be going done there. Afraid of getting stuck and dying is enough to keep me out.

Touring the cave

In 1897 you could access it via horse back and walking and it got electric lights.  Soon it closed and then the vandals got into. Dang people. When it reopened up, they started to take buses up to it to tour. Then a tramway was built and that increased the amount of people that could go to the cave.

The cave tour of this part of the cave takes about 40 min and there is a bout 120 steps down. So that means that there is 120 steps up. No elevator sorry folks. You have to walk back up it is an OK. However, if you are out of shape and overweight then it will take time.


Of course there are pictures and here they are

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The cave was nice and interesting view of what mountains look on the inside. No this is the first cave I have been in and it won’t be the last one. It was a good and informative tour and it did last about 40 min.  Seeing where Charles W. Darrow came out of well, I am just glad I didn’t find it. The only bad thing about that was that you had to wear a mask.

Go and visit this place if you get a chance to.