The Regal Princess Review

A week in the Caribbean was a great week to relax and being aboard a cruise ship is even better. You get to explore different parts or islands all by unpacking only once. Nothing gets better than that, right? You read my reviews, now see what I thought about the ship.

The Ship

For being built in 2014, May 20, to be correct it was in fairly good shape, well except for the engine. Which had an issue. I have talked about this before but for carrying 3,560 passengers around and having 1,780 cabins and 19 decks it was in good shape.

Deck by deck

I will be breaking down the each deck

Deck 4

This is called the Gala deck and this is where the Medical Center and water shuttle embarkation spot is at. Went down there to exit the ship on each of ports Never went to the Medical center.

Deck 5

This is called Plaza deck it has the  following on it:

  • Lotus Spa and Salon
  • Sabatini’s (Food)
  • Guest services
  • Shore Excursions
  • Vines
  • International Café (Food)
  • Gelato
  • The Shops of Princess
  • Piazza bar
  • Internet Café
  • Plazza Bar
  • Bathrooms
  • Symphony Dining room

This is where we spent most of the time.

Deck 6

Called the Fiesta Deck and this is where you embark and disembark at and  it has the following on it:

  • Princess Theater
  • Churchill’s
  • Bathrooms (got to know where these are at)
  • Club 6
  • Casino
  • Alfredo’s (Pizza)
  • Bellini’s bar
  • Photo and Video Gallery
  • Concerto Dining Room (Most of the time ate at dinner)
  • Allegro Dining Room (ate there once)

Deck 7

Called the Promenade deck and it has the following on it:

  • Princess Theater
  • Bathrooms
  • Art Gallery
  • The Shops of Princess
  • Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar
  • Crooners
  • Captain’s circle
  • Future Cruise center
  • Princess live café
  • Princess live
  • Wheelhouse Bar
  • Crown Grill
  • The Library
  • Bathrooms
  • Vista Lounge

Decks 8,9,10,11,12 and 15

Are all cabins and self Service Laundromat towards the back.

Deck 14

It is full of decks but the Wedding Chapel and the Concierge Lounge are towards the aft.  To be honest I never made it there. Next time I will

Deck 16

This is called the Lido deck Is half cabins (Front of ship) the rest of the deck has the following on it:

  • Trident Grill (Food)
  • Mermaid’s Tail (Bar)
  • Prego Pizzeria (Food)
  • Fountain Pool with 2 hot tubs
  • Plunge Pool
  • Seaview Bar
  • Sea Walk
  • Swirls (Good Ice Cream)
  • Calypso Cabana
  • Bathrooms
  • Horizon Bistro (Food)
  • The Pastry Shop (Food)
  • Horizon Court (Food)
  • Outrigger (Bar)
  • Horizon Terrace

Deck 17

Is called the sun deck and for a good reason as it is all most all in the sun. It has the following on it:

  • The Sanctuary
  • Hot Tubs
  • Retreat pool
  • Bathrooms
  • Hot tubs (1 on each side looking down on to deck 16)
  • Teen Outside lounge
  • Toilet
  • Beach house Teen Lounge
  • Fitness center
  • Cam discovery Youth Center
  • Platinum Studio
  • More Bathrooms
  • Terrace Pool

Deck 18

The spots deck and also open for sun and rain. It has the following on it:

  • Movies under the stars
  • Jogging track
  • Laser Range
  • The game Lounge
  • Table Tennis (ping pong)
  • Center Court (basketball, soccer)
  • The driving range (virtual Golf)

Deck 19

The last one and it has lawn court and Shuffle board.

The ship

Has a lot of things to do and you shouldn’t be bored at all. You can eat, drink and have fun. Or you can relax with a book or take a nap. No matter what you do. This ship has got you covered. I would recommend going on this ship. It

In 2021 it will be in Alaska that is after it travels the word. 

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