The Game

The big day was here, BYU football, is back!! I mean it never went anywhere like some other teams. But, football is back with crowds. The biggest sporting event in Vegas since that thing shut everything down.



Wrong Way

We got into the game and we followed the crowd, to the right, and well that was the wrong way. We walked almost all around the stadium and didn’t see anything to get us up to the 3rd level. So we hiked up 3 flights of stairs What the heck, I almost had a heart attack. On top of that, we had to wear masks. I was drenched with sweat and breathing heavy, the chest was pounding. I know I am overweight. But still where are the escalators.

Found Them

I found the escalators when we found our seats, they were right next to our portal. What a day already. We were in Section 304 Row 12 Seats 11-14. Right in the middle of some Wildcat fans.

BYU Game

It was a defensive battle for the first quarter and nothing seems like it was going well for either team. Both offensives were stalling. Then BYU scored, and then scored again. Things were looking good for BYU, then Arizona started to come back.

Let me ask you a question, do you run when you are at the 1-yard line, or do you try and pass it? Well, BYU was on the 1-yard line, thanks to a great punt by Arizona, they tried to pass it once, that didn’t work. So they thought let’s run the ball. Well, that didn’t work, and well it was a 2 point play for Arizona as BYU got talked in the endzone, so that put Arizona at 5 total points.  Then they scored a touchdown and a Field Goal. Putting them at 16 points late in the 4th. BYU scored a Field goal and that put them up to 24 points.

Where the score was 24 -16 for BYU to win.

I can talk about the game in more detail, but you can watch the highlight video below. Just a random video from YouTube.



It was like it was Lavell Edwards Stadium (LES) of the south as there where I do believe 75% of the crowd to be BYU fans. We sat in the middle of some Arizona fans some left at halftime and we never saw them again and then the others left in the 4th quarter.  Overall I think that it was a good game and good conduct for both schools. Some were nice and some won’t give you the time of day.


Instead of pictures, I did a video

My Thoughts

My heart goes out to Keenan Ellis, who was injured during the first quarter.

The game was a good game, we do have a lot to work on before we play Utah on Sept. 11, 2021. However, that game would have been played before this post is up. So we will all know that outcome.

Playing in Vegas is a cool thing to do and playing in that new stadium is an adventure. I am sure I will be back in Oct. of 2022.

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