Allegiant Stadium

The Raiders are on the move again. What do I mean? Well, let’s find out what I am talking about.

On the move

 The Raiders are known as the Oakland Raiders, well of course that is where they are from.

  • Oakland Raiders
    • 1960 – 1981
  • Los Angeles Raiders
    • 1982-1994
  • Oakland Raiders
    • 1995-2019
  • Las Vegas Raiders
    • Present

So they have moved quite a bit.

Las Vegas

The Raiders wanted a new Stadium and Oakland wasn’t going to give them one. So they packed up and moved to Vegas.  Here is where the stadium is located at.

Allegiant Stadium

Here is a breakdown of this stadium

  • Capacity
    • Football 65,000
      • Expandable to 71,835
    • Soccer
      • 61,000
  • Construction cost
    • 1.9 Billion USD
  • Opened
    • July 31, 2022
  • Owner
    • Las Vegas Stadium Authority
  • Teams
    • The Raiders
    • UNLV Rebels Football

The naming rights as part of the $300 million dollar deal for the personal seat licenses, naming rights, and sponsorships.


Here are some pictures of the stadium


Here is a video I put together.

My thoughts

The stadium is nice and big, had an issue with trying to find a way to get up to where we were sitting at. We turned the wrong way and couldn’t find anything to get us up, besides stairs. We finally gave up and climbed the stairs and got to our seats and long behold the escalators were right by the seats.  If we had just walked some more, we would have found the way up.

It is a nice place to go watch a football game. Let’s hope they stay for a while.

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