Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021

Well, part of it is just an ongoing adventure from Saturday night. We didn’t get back to the hotel until about 12:30 AM. Let me explain


Heading out of the parking structure we could have turned left, but there was a line of cars not going anywhere. So we turned right and we continued on that path for like 30 min. before we flipped a U-turn and went back the way we came. (what I was thinking). Probably the best thing we did. It was pretty much no traffic, but traffic headed the way we just came from.

There was a concert that night as well. It was just a huge traffic mess.

Went to bed

It would be about 1 AM before I crawled into bed, to really, I walked over and laid down and then slept until about 9 AM. Wanted to do some things but didn’t get up and out of bed to do them.

Morning time

Went and had breakfast with the in-laws, had some crepes, they are a common thing when we go to their house when we visit.  We then went to Old Navy., Target, and the Boot Barn. My son really wanted some boots but didn’t want to pay the price for them.

Afternoon time

We got back and well, that is about it. My kids went over to the outlet mall and went back to the Nike store and got a few things. My wife laid in bed and well I just worked on my computer, doing the blog thing.

I then took my son to Madalyn Bay to meet up with some of these friends down here for the game. Came back and really did nothing for 2 hours. I walked around the Tahiti Village looking for a place to sit and work on some writings and do some videos but all the chairs were missing from the grill area. OK, they aren’t missing, just a group of people took them all to one table.  Yes all of them for like 10 people, kind of rude of them. To top it all off, the sky lounge was closed. What the heck. I guess back to the room I go.

Night time

We took a journey around the Lazy River, which was an interesting one for me. The water was cold and it did take some getting used to. Here is the video of that…

–video lazy river–

We tried to go sit in the adult hot tub, hence the word ADULT, but that was not happening as it had a bunch of kids in there. What?? So we ventured over into the pool and found the hot tub there. We sat in it for a while, yes, there were unsupervised kids in that hot tub, but it wasn’t crowded like the adult one.

We then ventured out to the drive down the strip that probably was a mistake. As usual, the strip is a very busy place. Traffic was bad there was a couple of, I am assuming guys, in Lambo’s, going fast when they could. You know showing off. Then a Porsche decided to join in. Sorry, not for me.

We then hit up Raising Caines for dinner and Tropical Smoothie. I ended the night by reading a book. Not the whole book but a couple of chapters. At least I am reading, right?

Overall thoughts

It was a nice and relaxing day for a Sunday, didn’t do anything but relax and enjoyed the day. That my friends are the way to do it. Just slow and easy.