Monday, Sept 6, 2021

It is Labor Day here in the USA, and with that people are out on vacation and this means that they are heading back. But, we knew better.

Spent an extra Day

We are headed back on Tuesday, you know to avoid all the traffic and we spent the day relaxing and doing nothing. It was so nice, but it was hard as I like to do something. SO I worked on my computer. I know I am a boring person.


Yes, we had to venture into Vegas to see what the city has to offer. Yes, I have been there before and I know what the city has to offer. But, it is different today as we are in the midst of COVID-19.  I will talk more about this in my Vegas post.

Headed back

We headed back to the hotel and packed since we were leaving early in the morning for home. It was an eventful day for us. Fun and exciting, I know I lead an exciting life

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