The Continental

We stopped in here for dinner, I thought for a min and then thought wait what, not something my wife would eat at. But she is the one who picked it.


My wife said it has some 4-star reviews and some bad. I told her that the reviews don’t mean much because they could be picky eaters and hated everything there.

Walked in

We walked in and was seated within a minute of walking in. They brought us out waters right away, they offered bottled water or just regular water. We got regular water. We ordered the following:

  • I got the Korea pork tacos
  • The wife got the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla (the rest of the menu scared her) was going to get a Spinach Cobb salad, but it came with a vinaigrette dressing and it wasn’t the Ranch she likes.
  • Son got the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla as well
  • Friend of a son got the lobster Mac and cheese

Costs us $72.00 with tip.

Opinion or review

You can take this how you want to. But the food was good the service was good. The waitress was kind and she was always filling up our water. She did mention that the tacos only came with 2, I guess that is why my son switched to the BBQ chicken Quesadilla. I enjoyed the place in the environment. While sitting there, I got a notice on Foursquare about the place. It was a positive view. I agree with them.

You can take this review how you want.