Philly Trip — Sunday

Took us to the LDS Temple, to the Rocky statue and more.


Had a bagel and some grapes for breakfast.

LDS Temple

We got ready and then walked to the LDS temple, it was about a 19 minute walk from our place to the Temple.

Rocky stairs

That is what it is called, unofficially, it is actually the steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is the place where I announced the Philly trip for my blog.

I didn’t get one of me at the Rocky Statue, here is the group.


We split up from here part of the group went to Jimmy’s Cheese steak and the part well we ate a block away from the airbnb at The Mix.


We rested for a couple of hours, my son was supposed to be doing a paper for school, he watched videos’ on his phone.

Night Time

We headed out about 5 PM, already dark and we started towards love park and run into the Christmas village. Made our way back to eat at the Continental and then stopped at Target and CVS, looking for a clear backpack to carry around all day tomorrow so we can carry it around tomorrow. No luck. Will have to look tomorrow at the Philly team store down the block from the airbnb. 


It was a good and busy day. Despite some the issues we had. It wasn’t what I had planned on but it will work. I am seeing some of the City that I would have never seen before.

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