State of Hawaii

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Hawaii was just a territory of the United States, but the USA had a Pacific navy base there. It took only 17 years after that attack to be admitted to the United States.  Making it number 50

Some Facts

Capital:  Honolulu

Nickname:  The Aloha State, Paradise of the Pacific

Population: 1,455,271

Ranking in population:  40th

The layout

The layout of the USA at the time it became a state

Minus Alaska, this is what it looked like.


Here is how Religion breaks down

  • Christian 63%
    • Protestant 38 %
      • Evangelical Protestant 25 %
      • Mainline Protestant 11%
      • Black Church 2%
    • Roman Catholic
    • 20 %
    • Mormon 3 %
    • Jehovah’s Witness 1%
    • Eastern Orthodox .5%
    • Other Christian 1%
  • Unaffiliated 26 %
  • Nothing in particular 20%
  • Agnostic 5%
  • Atheist 2%
  • Non-Christian Faith 10%
    • Jewish 5%
    • Muslim .5%
    • Buddist 8%
    • Hindu .5%
    • Other Non-Christian faiths .5%
    • Don’t know 1%

American Civil War

The government’s reluctance to join the civil war, many Native Hawaiians and Nawaii-born Americans joined the fight as either part of the union or the confederacy.


Well considering it is a long way from the mainland (USA), the sports are mostly youth. However, the Maui invitational Tournament, and Diamond Head Classic both are for basketball to bring teams in to play. The Hawaii Bowl is for college football.  Here is a breakdown of the sports

  • Hawaii Rainbow Warriors
  • Rainbow wahine
    • Competes in the Big West Conference and the Mountain West Conference (major sports)
  • Mountain Pacific Sports Federation
    • Minor sports
  • NCAA Division II
    • Chaminade Silverwords
    • Hawaii Pacific sharks
    • Hawaii-Hilo Vulcans
      • All in Pacific West Conference
    • Hosted the Pro-bowl from 1980 to 2016 for the NFL.


Is a great place to visit and tourism is a vital part of Hawaii. It brings a large number of people and money to the state. If you look at 2019 some 10 million people come over to visit the island and brought in about $18 Billion. That is a lot of people for a small population.

If you can go I would highly suggest it.

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