For being the third largest island, it is probably the most visited and busiest island. That is my opinion.


The island has been inhabited since about the 3rd Century A.D. It was ruled by the most ancient tribe of the Hawaiian Islands.  In 1778 it is believed that the crew of the HMS Resolution was the first to see Oahu. It was Captain James Cook’s 3rd Pacific expedition.  However, the island wasn’t visited by Europeans until 1779. They couldn’t believe there were islands this far North in the Pacific.

On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor, killing 2,335 American Service men and 68 Civilians.

I am sure there is a lot more history, but you can do the research.


The island is only 44 miles long, and 30 miles across. But, the shoreline is about  227 miles long.  It is roughly a diamond shape.


It is located here


Oahu is a beacon for tourism. You can

  • See Peral Harbor
  • See Arizona
    • The battleship where 1,177 servicemen were killed on Dec. 7, 1941
  • Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Dole Plantation
  • Diamond Head
  • A ton of beaches.

It has become a haven for shopping as well.


This island is like a busy island. Where you can go and see a lot of things and never be bored. It has the famous Wakiki Beach. It is where the following has been filmed

  • Magnum PI
    • One with Tom Selleck
  • Magnum PI
    • New one
  • 2 Hawaii 5’0’s
    • One with Jack Ford
    • New one
  • Lost
  • A ton of movies

If you want to experience an excellent place to go tour then this is the island to be at.

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