Start of the trip

We left our house at about 12:45 PM, with our first stop at no other than Walmart to buy some last minute supplies for the upcoming trip. No trip would be complete if we didn’t need to stop and get something for any of the trips we go on.


We got to the airport checked our big 28”  bag which was only filed about 3/4 the way full, I mean it has pockets, and pockets and pockets but we can’t use them due to the 50 LB rule. I will due a better review about this bag later. I know I have talked about it before but I will give it a review. We had the following:

  • Three carry on’s (1 for each of us)
  • My tech backpack
  • My sons backpack
  • My wife’s new Tote bag

Getting the checked bag was a breeze and then security was just walking up and going thru  Security and that was it. Much better this time than going to Seattle. They did look at my back pack really super good, I had a lot of stuff in it, my son’s laptop, Kindle and my belt had to go back thru as they found something odd about those three things. So they put the belt in something separate and it was fine.

We actually sat, well two of us got to sit down while a teenager needed a chair for his backpack and wouldn’t move it so people could sit down.

Long Beach Airport

We got on the plane and flew into Long Beach Airport, I have never been there before and it was interesting to say the least. I will talk more about that later in it’s own post. We walked to the baggage claim and it seemed that our bag was the last out of the plane and onto the belt.

We waited for our car to arrive, talk about this later, and then headed to the Queen Mary as that was where we were staying for the night.

Queen Mary

We got to the Queen Mary and we went to check in, they sent us up to the main deck, the promenade deck the elevators are on the outside of the ship and then we had to go into the ship and go down to deck A, where when we checked out we walked out of deck A and took the same elevator down. Odd, in my book, we had to go to B, then clear to the back of the ship and there was only one working elevator, which was at the front of the ship. Our room was

We dropped off our stuff and went up to look at the Carnival Inspiration which was headed out to do a quick trip to Ensenada, Mexico. We then went to eat and that was at the Chelsea Chowder house it was one of the places on the ship. It ran us $84.00 dollars.  I ate the piled high roast beef Reuben on Rye. It was good, but was it worth the $84. 00? No, it wasn’t

We walked around the Queen Mary and looked at the different areas of the ship, then went back to the room and went to sleep.

Summary of Day 0

It was a typical day before a major trip, last minute shopping at least we got to the airport before the plane was boarding. Not like the last two trips we went on as a family were we were the last on the plane. . The Queen Mary didn’t really live up to it’s hype. But it was an experience you have to do at least once besides we were right there by the cruise port.

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