Getting on the ship

The cruise day has come to a cruise port near you or in this case the Carnival Cruise Port in Long Beach, California. We will talk about the upcoming day. I was awake early, as usual, the Carnival Splendor was already in port when I got. Not sure when they arrived, but they unloading stuff and loading stuff first thing in the morning.


We ate at the Midship market, not really a breakfast place and I didn’t want a bagel and this is what our breakfast consisted of:

  • A bagel with Cream Cheese
    • With Diet Coke
  • Ham Sandwich on white
    • Salt -n- Vinegar Chips
    • A Coke
  • Turkey sandwich  on wheat
    • Salt -n- Vinegar Chips
    • A chocolate milk

Yes, this isn’t a breakfast of champions, and it wasn’t the breakfast I was looking for and it ran us $45 dollars. There were no prices on anything in that store and they had no mustard.

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Long Beach Cruise Port

We headed over to the Long Beach cruise port and we had to take the luggage to the be dropped off with the porters in the parking garage. We did that came back over and then checked in.  They had a different check in then in the past. We didn’t get our room keys until we got to our rooms. We just had to hold on to our boarding passes to get on the ship. I haven’t been in the dome since Carnival took over the whole thing and they have made it much nicer and smoother getting on the ship.

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Getting on the ship

We got on the ship within 30 min of us checking in. Well before our checking time of 12:30. PM. We were done eating before than. It was a smooth process of getting on the ship and it was’t like heading cattle like the Princess cruise to Alaska was like.


We had lunch in the buffet and there were a lot of options, I had the BBQ and the Mongolian Wok. They both were good. (I didn’t take pictures) It wasn’t crowded like I have seen before. We then went on a tour of the ship before we were allowed in our rooms at 1:30 PM ish

We had the fun muster drill before dinner, and I have come to the conclusion that there will be mass deaths because people don’t pay attention to. Since they know better. They are the ones that will trample the others to save themselves.


Huh the first dinner on the ship and it was at 5:45 in the Gold Pearl Restaurant, lower level.  Which is on deck 3, table 383. I have noticed that the portions are smaller than I remember, but that is OK, I am not here to gain weight at all. I had the following:

  • Cured Salmon, Candied Tomato
  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp
    • Not enough sweet and sour
  • Carnival melting Chocolate cake
    • Two scoops of vanilla ice cream
    • Very rich in flavor, not in price.
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That was dinner

After Dinner

Went back to the room, changed and then met our steward, this is his first cruise, Ed. Asked him for some robes,  still waiting for them. Got our free water bottles, since we are the color red we get a free water bottle. Nothing finish but just a water bottle.  We walked around the ship some more and then we somehow ended back in the buffet, where the grill was open and a Bacon and lettuce Sandwich was calling someone’s name, and it wasn’t mine.  Just hot chocolate for me.

Summary of Day 1

It was a long day but a good one, we went from one ship to another and we never left the port until about 5:30 that night. It was a long day and we just enjoyed our self’s. Right, that is what you are supposed to do on a cruise right, enjoy yourself.

Video of the day

Now the question is what does Splendor hold for rest of the week?

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