St. Maarten, Excursions

February 19, 2020 means that we are on Sint Maarten and this means that we get a chance to tour the island. That means that there is plentiful of activities to do on the island, plenty of things to see. So sit back and relax I have you people covered.

What to do

You are probably thinking what is there to do on this little island which is 37 miles in circumference is the smallest island in the world which is divided between two sovereign powers. (so size doesn’t matter) Paradis Peak is the highest peak on the island at 1,391 feet.  So what is there to do, you might ask. Well, there is

  • Local cuisine
  • Rockland Estate eco-park
  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Like seeing airplanes
  • Lots of yachts


The ship is docked at the A.C. Wathey pier which is located here

So what is there to do since there are two different sides of the island:

  • Under Two flags drive
  • Sky Explorer, Schooner Rider, and Canopy Tour
  • Rockland Estate, Sky  Explorer and flying dutchman
  • America’s Cup 12-meter Yacht Race
  • Lagoon Kayaking Adventure
  • Rockland Estate and Sky Explorer
  • Trail and Beach Horseback ride and scenic drive

We were late getting into St. Maarten and we will be there from 3PM to 11 PM.

Here is a PDF about St. Maarten

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