San Francisco

I left your heart in San Francisco, is the motto the city goes by. Well, Let’s find out if this is true.


Here are some facts about San Francisco

  • Country
    • United States
  • State
    • California
  • County
    • San Francisco
  • CSA
    • San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland
  • Metro
    • San Francisco- Oakland-Hayward
  • Mission
    • June 29, 1776
  • Incorporated
    • April 15, 1850
  • Founded by
    • Juan Baulista De Anza
    • Jose Joaquin Moraga
    • Francisco Palau
  • Namec for
    • St. Francis of Assisi


  • City and County
    •  231.81 sq mi
  • Metro
    • 3,524.4 sq mi


  • City and County
    • 808,437
  • Rank
    • 17th in the United States
    • 4 in California

The time zone is the PST and PDT.


The city of San Francisco has some history so let’s explore it

  • 3000 BC
    • Yelamu group of the Ohlone People lived here
  • November 2, 1769
    • First European visit to San Francisco Bay
  • Spanish Era
    • Claimed it as part of Las Californias
  • Mexican era
    • 1821, the Californias were ceded to Mexico by Spain
  • Post Conquest Era
    • A small settlement in 1847 of about 459
    • 1849 California Gold Rush brought in the “49ers”
    • Military set up Fort Point at Golden Gate  and Fort on Alcatraz island to defend the bay
  • 1906
    • On April 18, 1906, at 5:12 AM an earthquake hit San Francisco and significant city destruction happened.
    • Downtown lay in ruins
    • 498 people died
    • The 1929 Stock Market crash didn’t affect San Francisco at all


The city isn’t crime-free

  • Total Violent Crime
    • 344.1
  • Property Crimes
    • 2,649.2

There were 2.4 murders per 100,000 people

There are gangs in the city


This is the place where the .com boom in the 1990s was located.  Right now the following companies have headquarters here:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Ubisoft
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Proofpoint

And this is a significant area for tech.


I can go on and on about San Francisco, but there is a thing called Google and you can do a search on it.

Now back to the question, I asked at the top of this blog.

I left my heart in San Francisco. Did I? I didn’t leave it there. You might be different.

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