Ruby Princess, Deck 4 and 5

Have you ever thought about where you will go to get medical help? Where will you get some snacks? Read on

Deck 4

Deck 4 only consists of the following open to the public.

  • Medical center
  • Water shuttle Embarkation area.

Deck 5

Consists of cabins and some public spaces. The general area on this deck is the following:

  • Fine arts Gallery
    • Kind of in the middle of some cabins
  • Future Cruise Planning
  • Good Spirits at Sea
  • International Café
    • Good spot for snacks
  • Internet Café
  • Michelangelo Dinging Room
  • The Piazza
  • Vines Wine Bar

Fine Arts Gallery

Stuff about this

Future Cruise Planning

This is where you can plan future cruises with Princess.

Good Spirits at Sea

This is a place to get a drink coffee while sitting around the Piazza.

International Café

It’s one of my favorite spots on the ship. You can get cookies, sandwiches, desserts, and much more.

Internet Café

This is where you can come for questions about the internet. However, avoid the first day.

Michelangelo Dining Room

This is one of the main dining rooms on the ship.

Vines Wine Bar

If you are a wine drinker, you can pick up your wine here

The Piazza

This is the whole area that encompasses all of these places

Also, there are some bathrooms on this deck as well.

Main area

You might say this is one of the main areas of the ship. This is where a lot of stuff happens. It can get busy and crowded.