Ruby Princess, Deck 6

What does Deck 6 have in store for us on the Ruby? Let’s find out

Deck 6

This is all open up to the public. No cabins or anything like that. It has the following on this deck.

  • Botticelli Dining Room
  • Captain’s Circle Loyalty
  • Conference Center Starboard
  • Da Vinci Dining Room
  • Gatsby’s Casino
  • Guest Services
  • Speakeasy Cigar Lounge
  • The shops of Princess
  • Theater lower level
  • Restrooms

Break down of Deck 6

Theater Lower Level

This is the front of the ship, the lower level. Where the stage is at.

Conference Center Starboard

Right behind the theater.

Gatsby’s Casino

If you want to get to the front of the ship to the Conference center or the theater, you must walk through the casino. If you like to gamble, then this is the place for you.

Cigar Lounge

This is just right off the Casino. This is the place to go if you want to smoke a good cigar.

Guest Services

This is right in the middle of the ship. This is where you can come and talk to customer service about many things.

Captain’s Circle Loyalty

This is right next to Guest Services, and you can come here and talk about your captain’s circle stuff.

The shops of Princess

You can come and shop, only on sea days.

I will have plenty of sea days to shop on the Panama cruise.

Da Vinci Dining room

This is right behind the Panoramic Lifts and is the second dining room.

Botticelli Dining Room

This is at the very back of the ship. You can only access this from deck 7 or above if you want to eat here. This is the third dining room on the ship.


They are located

  • Outside the Da Vinci Dining Room on the port side
  • Outside the Botticelli Dining Room
  • Outside the theater by the casino


A video of Deck 6

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