Oct. 22, Overview, Ruby

So, Oct. 22 was a very long one indeed. I am not sure where Saturday ended and Sunday started.

Saturday, Oct. 21

I started at 7 AM. I had a whole list of things to do, and I got all of them done and finished packing around 9:30 PM. When I shut down my laptops, I put one in my backpack and the other in the safe. You never know what/when some scum bucket will break into your house.

I couldn’t sleep very well. I had packed up my sleep apnea machine, so if it ran late Sunday morning, I wouldn’t forget it.

I was also worried I would sleep in.

Oct. 22, Sunday

Waking up at 2:55 AM after going to bed around 11:30ish wasn’t a good start to things. But that made sure I was up and at them. I showered, packed the car, and waited for my wife to be ready.

I got the Uber driver up, my oldest son, and then headed off to McDonald’s.

This is the thing we do.

We picked up the parents-in-law and headed to SLC airport.

I have never been dropped off at the airport before besides a shuttle, which is on the baggage claim level, and you have to go up three flights of escalators or take the elevator to level three.

Here we are

We opted to go with the agent-assist check-in. I don’t like the kiosks since we have to weigh the bags anyway. Everyone’s luggage was under 50 lbs. One was at 23 kg. Yes, that isn’t a typo. Mine was at 50 lbs, right on the dot. They even put a heavy sticker on it.

I went through TSA Precheck; it was a breeze. There was no line at all. Then, it was the long walk over to the B Gates. That is one long walk.


The flight went smoothly, and we made it to San Fran without anything going wrong.


I took a ride to the ship, and he was just fine

Boarded the ship

I boarded the boat, and that went well.

Crown left

As the Crown left and headed out, an announcement encouraged 766 people to do the muster. Come on, people, do it once you get on the ship. It takes about 15 to 20 min. Watch the video and go to your muster station.

I know a lot of people are just looking to start drinking. But that can wait until after you do your muster stuff.

Busy and Long Day

It was a hectic and long day, which started at about 3:30 AM for me and ended at about 9 PM.

But it was worth it since we traveled from SLC to SF and started to head to Cabo San Lucas.

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