Royal Caribbean

It is a cruise company known for big ships. Let’s find out about this company.

Some History

It was founded in 1968 by 3 Norwegian Shipping companies. They were

  • Anders Wilhelmsen and Company
  • I.M. Skaugen and Company
  • Gotaas Larsen

The first few ships they had were the

  • Song of Norway
  • Nordic Prince
  • Sun Viking

The Song and Prince ships were lengthened. When the Song of America was released in 1982, it was more than twice the size of the Sun Viking. It was the third largest passenger ship behind Norway and Queen Elizabeth 2.

Royal Caribbean leased some coastal property in Labadie, Haiti, in 1986, and this became a private destination for guests.

They did some restructuring and launched Sovereign of the Seas, the largest ship at the time. They also merged with Admiral Cruises. They bought a second private destination, and it is known as CocoCay.

When it went public in 1993, it quickly expanded. They merged with Celebrity Cruises since that was a Greek Cruise line. They changed the name to Royal Caribbean International.


Here is a list of ships that Royal Caribbean International has

Vision Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
The Grandeur of the Seas199673,817Renovated in 2012
Rhapsody of the Seas199778,878Renovated in 2012
Enchantment of the Seas199782,910Lengthened in 2005 Renovated in 2013
The Vision of the Seas199878,717Renovated in 2013

Voyager Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Voyager of the Seas1999138,194Renovated in 2019
Explorer of the Seas2000138,194Postponed renovation
Adventure of the Seas2001138,193Renovated in 2016
Navigator of the Seas2002139,999Renovated in 2019
Mariner of the Seas2003139,863Renovated in 2018

Radiance Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Radiance of the Seas200190,090Renovated in 2013
Brilliance of the Seas200290,090Renovated in 2013
Serenade of the Seas200390,090Renovated in 2012
Jewel of the Seas200490,090Renovated in 2016

Freedom Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Freedom of the Seas2006156,271Renovated in 2020
Liberty of the Seas2007155,889Renovated in 2016
Independence of the Seas2008155,889Renovated in 2018

Oasis Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Oasis of the Seas2009226,838Renovated in 2019
The Wonder of the Seas2010225,282Postponed Renovation
Harmony of the Seas2016226,963Nothing
Symphony of the Seas2018228,081Nothing
The Wonder of the Seas2022236,857Largest passenger ship in the World

Quantum Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Quantum of the Seas2014168,666No notes
Anthem of the Seas2015168,666No notes
Ovation of the Seas2016168,666No notes
Spectrum of the Seas2019169,379First Quantum Ultra Class Ship
Odyssey of the Seas2021167,7042nd Quantum Ultra-Class
Delivered on 31 March 2021


Icon Class

NameBuiltGross TonnageNotes
Icon of the Seas2022250,800Ist LNG Powered Cruise ship

Future Fleet

NameClassEst. Date CompletionGross TonnageNotes
Utopia of the SeasOasisSpring of 2024200,0006th Oasis-class LNG Powered
TBAIcon2025200,0002nd LNG powered Project Icon ship
TBAIcon2026200,0003rd LNG Powered Icon Ship

There are several former fleets, but we won’t worry about it since they aren’t part of the offerings to cruise on.

A lot of ships

You can see that they put out a ship every year and sometimes 2 in a year. They have also got bigger and bigger. Right now, the Icon of the Seas is the biggest at 250,800 Gross tonnage. It looks like Royal Caribbean is the leader at this time.


They currently have a lot of ports not only in North America but they have international ports as well.

North American Ports

  • Port Everglades
  • Cape Liberty
  • Honolulu HarborPort mami
  • Port of Seattle
  • Port of Galveston
  • Port of LA
  • Port of New Orleans
  • Port of San Deigo
  • Seward, Alaska
  • Port of Baltimore
  • Port of Boston
  • Port Canaveral
  • Port of Tampa
  • Port of San Juan

International Ports

  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Port of Barcelona
  • Port of Quebec
  • Port of Shenzhen
  • Port of Stockholm
  • Port of Vancouver
  • Port of Auckland
  • Port of Beijing
  • Port of Civitavecchiaa
  • Port of Singapore
  • Port of Sydney
  • Port of Venice
  • Port of Copenhagen
  • port of Hong Kong
  • Port of Melbourne
  • Port of Shanghai
  • Port of Southampton
  • Marmagao Port, Goa


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