River Walk

When you hear River Walk what comes to mind. Some walk along a river where there are rocks and mud and so forth. Well, not here. Let’s find out more

Located at

This is located a few blocks from the Alamo

849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

What is it

There is a river in downtown San Antonio that is partially man-made and naturally made. You can walk around the whole river on nice walking trails. Which are aligned with restaurants, and retail shops.

I would highly recommend seeing this if you like to be relaxed and see cool things.

Might have seen this

You might have seen parts of the River Walk in some movies and never knew it. I know I didn’t know it was the river walk.

  • 1972 The Getaway
  • 1997 Selena
  • 2000 Miss Congeniality


Here are some pictures I took


Here is a video