Remember the Alamo is a popular saying. I thought it would be bigger.


Not that Car rental place… but the place is in San Antonio, Texas.  There was a battle that was fought here and it didn’t go too well for the Texans

Let’s look at the history.

The year 1519-1716 is called the age of exploration

The year 1716-1793 is called the Mission San Antonio de Valero

The year 1793-1821 is called the birth of a fortress

The year 1821-1836 is the battle and the Texas revolution

The year 1836 to 1877 under military occupation

The year 1870-present is the commercial development and Historic preservation


Mexico finally after an 11-year conflict with Spain gained its independence. Mexico struggled with its independence. They established a monarchy and then a constitutional republic.

When Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became president in 1833 his political stance changed from federalism to centralism. This caused Mexico to fall into a civil war and Texas to look for their own independence. Yes, Texas was part of Mexico a long time ago.

The laws changed and it stopped allowing immigrants to come to Texas.

In 1836 Santa Anna and his army came to Texas to stop the revolution once and for all. They arrived at the Alamo, which was heavily fortified.

The battle went on for 13 days, but the Alamo fell and Santa Anna now controlled it. Over time Texas won their independence and joined the USA.


The Alamo is located here

Yep right in downtown San Antonio, it is an interesting place to go to. I thought it would be bigger.



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