Puntarenas, Costa Rica

What does Puntarenas, Costa Rica have to offer?

Not the Capital

Yes, Puntarenas isn’t the capital of Costa Rica; it is a cruise port where ships dock.

Pacific Side

This is located on the Pacific side of the country, and it started as a small port that exported Coffee. In 1840, this port was developed and set up as duty-free. However, if hard liquor and Cognac were being exported, there was a fee for those items.


Here are some highlights of Puntarenas

  • Country
    • Costa Rica
  • Creation
    • September 17, 1858
  • Area
    • Total
      • 47.46 km sq
        • 18.32 sq mile
  • Elevation
    • 5m (16 ft)
  • Population (2011)
    • 41,528
  • Density
    • 880km sq
      • 2,300 sq mile
  • Sports team
    • Puntarenas F.C.
      • Soccer

Sums it up

That about sums it up for Funtarenas, Costa Rica. Oh, by the way, I borrowed some information from

Puntarenas F.C. (2023, December 12). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puntarenas_F.C.

and I used an image from the internet for the image above.