Adventure in Costa Rica, Ruby

My wife wanted to do the Aerial Tram, Butterfly Garden, and Sloth Sanctuary while in Costa Rica. However, it was sold out.

What did we do

We opted to do something my wife wanted to do, which was the Aerial Tram excursion. I did some magic, and four tickets became available at the last minute. OK, I picked them up in the previous couple of weeks.

She was happy.

Aerial Tram

Now, this tram is not a fast one. It is a slow, excellent viewing adventure. It stopped pretty often to unload and load people. But it was OK, the views were superb.

Butterfly Garden

If you like butterflies, then this is the place for you. There were some great and colorful ones.

Sloth Sanctuary

This was the highlight of the adventure for my wife. She wanted to see these animals. She tried to hold one, but she wasn’t allowed to.

They moved a little bit faster than I thought they would.

Home Depot

I saw a Home Depot on the way back to the ship.


This was a good adventure, and I saw the beautiful views of Costa Rica. I would love to see more of the country. But I am glad I did the aerial tram adventure.


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