Costa Rica

It is a country in Central America in the North America region. Let’s find out more about this country.


This is in Central America, and it is bordered by

  • Nicaragua to the North
  • Caribbean Sea to the northeast
  • Panama to the Southeast
  • Pacific Ocean to Southwest
  • Maritime border with Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island


  • Capital
    • San Jose
      • Also largest city
  • Languages (official)
    • Spanish
  • Recognized regional Languages
    • Mekatelyu
    • Bribing
    • Patois
  • Ethnic Groups
    • 83.6% White or Mestizo
    • 6.7% Mulatto
      • Mixed black and white
    • 2.4% indigenous
    • 1.1% black
    • 6.2% other
  • Religion
    • 72.6% Christianity
      • 47.2 % Roman Catholic
      • 22.5% Protestant
      • 2.6% other Christian
    • 27% no religion
    • 0.4% Others
  • Area
    • Total
      • 51,100 km sq
      • 19,700 sq mi
    • Water
      • 1.05%
  • Population
    • 5,044,197
      • 333,000 in capital
  • GDP
    • Total
      • $141.527 Billion
        • 90th overall


They have a vast history of people coming and living there. They were the southernmost part of New Spain. In 1502, during Christopher Columbus’s last voyage, he sailed to the Eastern Shores of Costa Rica. This was where he reported vast quantities of gold jewelry worn by natives.

However, Gil Gonzalez Davila, who landed on the West Coast, got some jewelry from the natives. However, he got some jewelry by force, like in violent theft.


Like the rest of Central America, it never fought for independence from Spain. When Spain lost in the final Spanish defeat in the Mexican War of Independence, Independence was declared in all of Central America.

Upon independence, there were two primary options: the Imperialists and the Republicans.

The imperialists wanted to join the Mexican Empire, and the Republicans wanted complete independence. Hence, they couldn’t decide, and a civil war broke out. Republicans won the battleblicans, and thus, the capital was moved to San Jose.


You can find out more about Costa Rica by visiting the following site

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This is a lovely place to visit. They do get a lot of rain there.