Princess Cays, Bahamas

Today is Feb. 17, 2020, and it was spent on an island in the Bahamas. On an island called Eleuthera, Bahamas. Princess has part of the island for the cruise ships and they share it with Carnival as well.   It was a warm and humid day here but it was nice.

Island is located

The island that we visited today is located here Eleuthera, Bahamas


Water Shuttle

This took forever to get over to the island. We had a group of six tickets, and it started with 1401 It was 11:38 AM before we on the water. That is for an hour and 38 min. If we rented something for the day it was almost halfway over, nice.

The island

It is called Princess Cays, and it isn’t the whole island. It is only a small part of it. The island is broken down into 2 sections

  • Northside
    • Bigger and had the cabanas
    • Busier, was more people as that is where everyone headed
  • South Side
    • Less busy and the same food and restrooms as the North
    • Just less busy


My thoughts

Trying to throw something nice for a stop aboard a Cruise ship. But in my holy opinion failed to bring across the desire for relaxation and fun.

  • We are only there for 6 hours
  • The Tenders are slow
  • Some of the beaches are rocky just beyond the waterline.
  • We wanted to rent some stuff, but with us being on the South Side all the rentals were on the Northside of the island. Plus, we were only there for a short time due to the tender system to be slower than slow.

Maybe that is how they discourage people from going over. So when they get over there they just have to come back. So why bother. They did have some shops on the backside of the things but we didn’t go there we were walking out when we saw them.

They had a sting ray encounter, where you could swim with them.

It was a nice and relaxing day, a hot one but a good one. Besides the Tenders running slow.