Excursions on Princess Cays

Today is Feb. 17, 2020, and for the three hours we were on the island, don’t get me started. We lounged in a clam shell. We didn’t really do any excursions since we didn’t have any time on the island. We just enjoyed the sun, beach, water and the food.

Had the following

  • Island bike adventure
  • Princess cays coastal Cruise
  • Coastal cruise, Snorkel Equipment and Float (2 people)
  • Glass-Bottom Boat Cruise
  • Stingray beach Encounter
  • Adults sanctuary bungalow Rental (4 people maximum)
  • Ocean viewing sea board rental
  • water noodle rental
  • Float Rental
  • Aqua Chair
  • Aqua chair
  • Hobie Wave Sailboat rental (3 people maximum)
  • Banana boat ride
  • Snorkel Vest Rental
  • Surf Fishing
  • Snorkeling at princess cays (For experienced Snorkelers)
  • Lagoon Clear-Bottom Kayaking Adventure
  • Locker Rental
  • Beach Clamshell Rental (2 People)
  • Private Bungalow Rental (4 people maximum)
  • snorkel equipment rental (4 people maximum)
  • Stand-up paddle board rental
  • Aqua Bike Rental (2 People Maximum)
  • Paddle Wheeler Rental (Two person)
  • Paddle Wheeler Rental (4 Person)
  • Beach Party Pack Rental (4 person and 2 people)

I could go on. Here is a PDF version.

Clam Shells

You could rent a clamshell to sit in and they run about $40 for the whole day.  Yes, I got one as it was very hot and I didn’t want to listen to my wife complain.  However, once we got there at noon, it was still $40. You really couldn’t use it the WHOLE DAY as you have to leave by 2:30 just to make it back on the ship before 3:30 and we didn’t even get to be on the island for 3 hours.

That is a good way to make money.

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