Overview of Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020

February 15, 2020, is when the cruise on the Regal Princess began. We started the day on Saturday when we boarded a non-stop JetBlue flight from SLC to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Terminal 2 at FT. Everglade cruise port. It was a long day to start the trip.  

Finished Packing

We finished packing and that was a joke. I need to do better on this front. Finished packing my tech bag. Loaded the car up and headed to the airport.

Parking spot

We got to The Parking spot and parked our car, found that we had to wait longer then we had to.


Even though the TSA Precheck was closed, we still were able to use that perk. We just had to show them a paper, then we didn’t have to take off our shoes, laptops out or anything. It was nice.


It was a short flight it seemed anyway. It was a good 7 hours, but with the 2 hour time difference, it was only 5. Little sleep and that isn’t good.

FT. Lauderdale Airport

We sat there for like 5 hours, and it was boring.


We were able to walk on to the ship, without having to wait. We went up to the buffet and got some food. It wasn’t that crowded at all. Got there at the right time. We took a tour of the ship, then I had to go lay down. I wasn’t doing too good, my friends wanted me to go lay down as I wasn’t looking good. We did the following:

  • Took a nap
  • Muster drill
  • I went up to deck 18 on the left-hand side of the ship and watched the Caribbean Princess leave the port.
  • We were running behind due to an issue we had during the Muster drill
    • The power went out due to an issue with an overheated engine
  • Got ready for dinner
  • Ate
  • Walked around the ship for a little bit
  • Went back to the room
  • Went to sleep by like 9
  • My wife was already asleep

Heading out of port

Once aboard the ship we were delayed, due to the power going out. Here is a couple of pictures aboard the ship.

I have put together a video of the Caribbean Princess pulling out of the port.

Is it going to hit us?

Day’s end

All in all it was a busy busy 24 hours, we went from Salt Lake City to Florida, boarded a ship, and headed on our way.


Here is a PDF version of the platter from the ship. (Click on PDF)

Here is a PDF version of some miscellaneous things we got on the ship.

These PDF’s might open slow, I am looking into this.