Overview of Hawaii

The overview of the Hawaii trip is coming up next. Stick around and see what I have to say.

The Trip

Any trip to Hawaii is a great option. You have to have some fun in life to relax and enjoy your time. Well, you can ask yourself, did I relax, no I didn’t relax. But that is OK, I never do. But it was a fun time.


The drive to Vegas was OK, I man I would have preferred to just fly out of Slat Lake City, but we needed to pick up my son who is going to college down in Southern Utah. It was an experience to fly out of Vegas. You know a different airport and a different experience.

Flight to Oahu

This was a good flight, we had in-seat entertainment, and good food, This always makes it a good flight.


The island was good, it was a busy couple of days and we saw a lot.

  • The Punch Bowl
  • Pearl Harbor
  • The PCC
  • The LDS Temple
  • Waikiki beach
  • Beaches
  • Dole Plantation

It was a busy couple of days on Oahu.


The island of Maui was a different island, never been there and well it was worth it. It was a rainy time on Maui.  It was a nice place to visit once the rain let up.

The condo was nice and it was close to the beach and it didn’t rain as much as it did up in the boy scout camp.

The Road to Hana was just a rainy time and wasn’t a good experience for me.

Flight home

The flight home was just dull. They didn’t have an in-seat TV screen. It was all done off of your device. Boring. The drive home was just long.

Do it again

Yes, I would do Hawaii again in a heartbeat. It is a pretty good place to you go and visit.