Drive Home

Once we landed we had to gather the luggage and then get the car.

Best Western

It was around 10 PM when we landed and I caught the shuttle to get the car. We parked at the Best Western and paid to park there. That was nice, sort of. I got there and went and got the car and headed back to the airport. Picked up the family and drove to get some dinner at Raising Canes out on Craig RD. Filled up with Gas and then headed towards home.

First stop

Dropped off the son at his college house and then headed home after that  Let me tell you, that drive was boring as heck. I put the cruise control on and went to sleep.

Just kidding, I paid attention to the drive. I did pick me up some Hot Tamales to eat on the way home. Yea, they didn’t last that long. But, I also got lectured on eating the Tamales, as they really aren’t that good for me. But I would rather be munching on something, than dozing off.

It was a couple of hour drive to get to the house. But, we got there about 3:00 AM or there about. Pulled in and unloaded the car then went to bed.

I know that this is an exciting post. I know.

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