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New York is full of cool and unique stuff. it is the most populous city in the United States of America and it’s probably got more population than probably 48 of the states.

Sights of New York

Now I quite didn’t have the time to go around and see everything I wanted to see in New York based on my time availability. So we took a tour which we talked about a couple of posts ago that link is here. But we did see some great things along the way and what are those things well let’s take a look at what we saw in New York City.

These are only a few of the photos I took.

My Thoughts

Let’s break it down into 3 questions.

Is New York all it’s hyped up to be?

In a way, New York is what it’s all hyped up to be, you know the biggest city in the United States the hub of the world, which it is. It is what the world bases things on like the United Nations.

Did I enjoy my time in New York?

Yes, I did enjoy my time in New York I wish I had more time there to spend there and to see what all New York City had to offer. I would love to go into the Bronx, but I did enjoy my time while I was in New York for the first time. Now I have a reason to go back and when I do, I’ll go out and adventure a little bit more.

Did my thoughts of New York really pan out?

Alright, so my thoughts on New York City. I thought you know since there are about eight million or so people that live in there that there’ll be a heck of a lot more people out on the street walking around, that just wasn’t the case. I thought there would be a lot more violence and a lot more crime but in reality, it really wasn’t I didn’t see anything but I was in Manhattan and lower Manhattan. I did hear sirens all the time. They had a few manholes explode, but that is normal, I guess. I wasn’t out in Queens or the Bronx or Brooklyn or Harlem or any of those parts of the city. I’m not sure that could have been different elsewhere but my thoughts of New York panned out it was an excellent place and I will go there again.

So overall my thoughts on New York were, I really enjoyed it. I saw the sights of what I wanted to see I did see the Trump Tower while on the tour, so I didn’t have to walk down and see it. I’ve always wanted to see Trump Tower. I don’t care what your thoughts are on Donald Trump or President Trump but I’ve always wanted to see the Trump Tower. I saw the Empire State Building you know where King Kong fought off airplanes and stuff like that was blown up in the movie Independence Day. It was also where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks oh so special.


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