USA Guided Tour

There is a lot of stuff to do in New York. I mean a lot of things. Since we were traveling with other people. We decided to get a tour of New York. We went on to Washington D.C and choose the same company.

USA Guided

I opted for the glass-top bus, which means that they pushed back the glass and we had a great view of the buildings in New York


The tour

The tour took us to the following places:

Central Park

The first stop was at the strawberry fields in Central Park. Nope, not actual strawberries. But it was the name of an album by the Beatles. We took a short walk to a small pond/lake.  This place is huge. It would take a few days to venture to the park. Here are some photos.

Rockefeller Center

This is well known for the Today show, the Christmas Tree lighting, and the ice rink. It is a complex of 19 commercial buildings which cover 22 acres. This is between 48th and 51st street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

It was a great place to visit.

World Trade Center

This will be in an upcoming post. Once posted you can find it here. (not yet)

Staten Island Ferry

We went down to the pier and onto a ferry, which took us to Staten Island. The ferry runs every 30 min. I am not sure why we did this. I thought it would take out to the Statue of Liberty. It didn’t, we just saw it from a distance.

This did give us some great views of the Manhattan Skyline.

My thoughts

If you want to get the Cliff note version of New York, this is the tour. We saw many of the highlights of what makes New York City, that city. Check them out here


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