November 26, 2022

Just another day in paradise right? You are in Hawaii and you should love the time here.

Morning time

We got up and ate some breakfast, after my breakfast of protein drink, apple sauce, and a protein bar. I had some pancakes. That is what I am talking about.

For those that wanted to go on a hike they left at 6 AM, and I decided to just stay in bed. Got up and had a small breakfast and got ready for the day. Waited for my son to get back so we could head into town. It was quite a drive. Here is something that he saw on his hike.

photo credit: my son

Swap meet

We went to a swap meet and looked around. We picked up the following while at the swap meet.


It came with a carry-on,  but we didn’t get that. We have gotten a few things while over here in Hawaii, we needed another suitcase to get home. Besides, I think this was my wife’s plan to get something cute. But, at least she finally likes a suitcase. I mean only after we picked up several of them.

Then we spent the rest of the day trying to find a beach that didn’t have colossal surf, wind, and rain. It has been one of those weeks.


We made it back to camp, you will understand a bit later, and got ready for dinner. Someone was coming to cook for us. We had some hamburgers, hotdogs, and miscellaneous side dishes.


We cleaned up the food, and sat and watched it rain. I packed up my stuff so we can get an early start on the 27th. You will find out later why.  Then we listened to the BYU vs Stanford game since we couldn’t watch it.

It rained again that night. Which puts a damper on things when it is raining all the time.

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