November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving is upon us and this is the first time I am not having a normal Thanksgiving meal.


Started out early, like at 6 to 7 AM early, and headed to McDonald’s to pick up some breakfast. Only the drive-thru was open. I really hate drive-thrus with more than me in the car. Got the food and headed out to begin the long drive to Hana.

Road to Hana

I will be talking about this in a different post, so look for that coming up.


Consisted of a Kirkland Protein bar and an untrustable PB&J sandwich and views of a very rough bay.


We stopped along the way back down the Road to Hana, and we saw 3 sea turtles on the beach. We saw some sea lions as well. However, those were out in the water and we didn’t get any pictures of them as they kept under the water and coming up only to breathe.

Headed back into town, trying to find something that is open to eating at well, but that wasn’t so easy. We finally found a place and it was called Jolibells.

Made it back and then got ready for bed. It was a very long day indeed.


This is the part of the island we stayed at

It was a long Thanksgiving day.

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